5 things that can affect your sexual stamina that you didn’t know about.

If there is one thing that all men would like when it comes to sex, that’s being able to last longer. According to recent studies, the vast majority of men believe that they should be able to last longer in bed than they usually. The shocking truth is that they are not completely mistaken.

One’s sexual stamina can be affected in either a beneficial or a detrimental by many things. The key to learning how to increase your sexual stamina can be to find out what causes it to drop or to be not that good in the first place.

In most cases when a man cums too early is is not because there is something physically wrong with him. It is most likely that his early ejaculation was caused by a psychological factor or even by something completely unrelated to sex. So, without further ado, let’s check out some things that can affect your sexual stamina, for better or for worse.

increase your sexual stamina

1. Your physical condition

Sex can be pretty physically demanding, so it goes without saying that the fitter you are and the bigger your actual physical stamina is, the more you will be able to last in bed. In other words, physical and sexual stamina are very connected.

If you are having trouble climbing a flight of stairs or running for more than a few meters, then chances are that you will not be able to last long in bed. In this case the only solution is of course to hit the gym.

2. Your day

Stress is one of the most common causes of premature ejaculation and lack of sexual stamina. If you had a bad or a very stressful day at work, then chances are that your sexual stamina is going to suffer this night. This is because your mind and body view sex as an outlet for all the stress and tension that has been accumulated all day long. when you get to your climax, the stress and the tension are released.

Your mind and body want to get rid of those things as soon as possible, so when you start having sex, they will try to get you to climax as soon as possible. If you had a bad or stressful day, then you need to relax before you start your lovemaking. Having sex while being as relaxed as possible will greatly benefit your sexual stamina.

3. Your favorite position

What a lot of men don’t seem to know, is that some sexual positions tend to make you cum quicker than others. Those positions are the ones that allow deep penetration, such as the missionary position. If you want to increase your sexual stamina then you should try out as many positions as possible during a sexual encounter.

Once you feel that you are getting too horny while in one position, switch to another. Save your favorite (which is also probably the one that will make you to cum quicker) for an immensely satisfying climax.

4. The drugs you are taking

When I say drugs, I do not mean illegal substances but drugs that your doctor has prescribed you for an illness or a chronic condition. Some drugs, especially antidepressants, are known to cause premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Read the instructions and of your drugs and pay extra close attention to the “known side-effects” section. If premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction is one of them, then you should consult your doctor. He or she should be able to prescribe you different, side-effect free medication.

increase your sexual stamina

5. Your bad habits

Bad habits such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol and overeating can wreak havoc on one’s health and as you might expect, they are also pretty bad and even downright disastrous when it comes to sexual stamina. Given that the people who read this article are probably adults, I will not list all the bad habits that cause PE problems.

They are the same habits that all doctors agree that they have no place in a healthy man’s lifestyle. It’s time to act like a responsible adult and give them up for good. If not for your health, then do it for your penis and your sexual pleasure!

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