The 6 bad habits that keep you from becoming fitter and thinner

Getting fit can be as easy as making some simple adjustments in your lifestyle. Some people however just don’t seem to get any results at all, no matter how hard they try. Naturally, they become disappointed and they give up on their efforts to improve their physical condition. As it turns out, what’s holding those people people is some bad habits that they might even not know they are actually bad.

We all know that smoking, drinking and eating too much is bad for fitness and yourself in general, but there are a lot of other that can be equally detrimental. Those habits “fly below the radar” and they usually cause people to become disappointed with their new healthier routines and give up on them. Here are the worst of those of them:

1. Eating in front of the TV

eating in front of tvWhen you eat while watching TV, you usually pay more attention to what you watch than what you are eating.

This means that you eat just to eat. You keep eating even after your hunger has been satiated.

As you can probably tell, all this unnecessary food just makes you pile on extra calories.

Just have your meals on the kitchen table or in any other room that doesn’t have a TV or any other distractions in it. That may include newspapers and books… In fact, don’t do anything else when you are eating.

2. Having large plates

There is a reason why most plates are pretty big: people feel a natural need to fill them with food. This of course is great news if you own a supermarket or grocery store, but it is bad news if you are trying to lose weight and become fitter.

The bigger the plate, the more , unnecessary, food you will have to put in there in order to fill it. Once your plate is full, you have no choice but to empty it, food is a terrible thing to waste after all. Believe it or not, it is really hard to get someone to NOT fill a big empty plate.

This is why if your plates are larger than normal, you should definitely buy smaller ones. Don’t throw the big ones away. Just hide them somewhere and only break them out on special occasions.

3. Eating too fast

Because of just how hectic our lives are, most of us tend to eat our meals as quickly as possible. This is a huge mistake. By eating too fast, you essentially don’t leave time for your body to assess just how full it is.

In other words, you could be full, but you don’t know it. Take your time when you eat. Here is a cool tip: set your fork down after every third bite. This will allow your body to better assess how full it is feeling, saving you lots of extra, unwanted calories in the process.

4. Not drinking too much water

Water is essential for people who try to improve their physical condition and lose weight. This is why you should drink as much of it as possible. Water will fill your belly and keep you from feeling hungry. It will also drive away “waste” and unwanted fluids out of your body.

Not drinking too much water

5. Not doing any physical activity other than working out at the gym

While working out at home or in the gym is essential for improving your fitness levels or losing weight, it is not that effective if it is your only physical activity. In other words, if you work out daily but you still take the car to go to the grocery store instead of walking there, then you are compromising the efficacy of your workout sessions.

Try to get of your butt as frequently as possible. NEVER drive to places that are close, unless you absolutely have to. Do you need a glass of water while working on your computer? Don’t ask for one, get up and get it yourself! Move as much as you can and as often as you can each and every day.

6. Shopping in the center aisles

Supermarkets and grocery stores all over the world are laid out in pretty much the same way. What you SHOULD be eating (fruits vegetables etc) are situated near the four walls. Everything that is just full of fat and calories, is found in the center aisles.

Now, I am not saying that you should not buy anything at all from those aisles. What I am saying, is that you should pick up as few things as possible from there.

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