Can your doctor cure PE? The answer will shock you!

When most men think that their stamina in bed is not as good as it used to be, they usually think that the only person who can help them is a doctor. This is not bad, since visiting a doctor is one of the famous 6 steps to beat PE.

What is bad however, is that most men think that their premature ejaculation issues are caused by a physical condition. This means that they are the symptoms of an illness and curing them is as simple as finding and taking the right drugs.

What they don’t seem to know however, is the fact that doctors a lot of the times are usually unable to help men with sexual stamina issues. What’s more, most of the times they can’t even prescribe any drugs.

The reason for that is simple: there are no drugs to subscribe. So, does that mean that doctors are completely useless when it comes to increasing your staying power in bed? No, not at all. What that does mean however, is that a visit to the doctor will in most cases not be enough to cure or solve the problem. Why is that? Well, keep on reading to find out!

Can your doctor cure PE

The causes of PE

Like I said above, most men think that PE is caused by illnesses and other physical conditions and factors. That in 9 or 8 out of 10 cases, is false. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of premature ejaculation issues are caused by psychological reasons and factors.

Stress, anxiety and lack of self-esteem are only some of the psychological issues that can cause lack of staying power in bed. Furthermore, a man’s sexual stamina can also be adversely affected by “conditioning”, i.e. bad masturbation habits. So, what you need to remember, is that in most cases, when a man cums too early, there is a problem with his mind and not with his body.

Doctors and PE

When it comes to PE problems and sexual stamina in general, the doctor one should turn to is a urologist. This doctor will usually have the patient undergo a series of tests in order to completely rule out certain physical causes of PE.

Make no mistake, while it is unlikely for premature to be caused by physical issues, this doesn’t mean that it is completely impossible or out of the question. In fact, premature ejaculation problems may even be symptoms of certain types of cancer. Once the tests are carried out and the doctor examines the results, he will advise on a proper course of action.

  • Physical causesIf the causes of the sexual stamina problems are physical in nature, then the doctor will prescribe medication that will deal with the condition that is causing them. 
  • – Psychological problemsIf the cause of the PE problems is psychological in nature, then there is pretty much nothing that a doctor can do for the patient. He should instead turn to a psychologist, a psychiatrist or a sex therapist. In most cases the doctor will refer his PE patients to the appropriate expert.

The bottom line

Statistically speaking, doctors are pretty much unable to DIRECTLY help men with PE problems. However, since determining the cause of the lack of stamina in bed is essential for treating and curing the problem, then all men who think that their staying power in bed is decreased should consult with their doctor. It is the best way to get a proper and effective course of action.

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