The secret of stopping premature ejaculation

When it comes to tips to last longer in bed, you will notice that most of them focus on one, very important aspect: knowing yourself. This means that in order to improve your sexual performance, you must first learn and understand how your mind thinks and works when it comes to sex and how your body reacts to sexual stimuli.

The truth is that there is no one formula or sure-fire way to keep early ejaculation at bay and the reason for that is very simple: each man is completely unique and has his very own way of regarding sex and thinking about it. Furthermore, each man’s body is differently wired when it comes to “doing the nasty”. So, what things do you need to know about how to stop premature ejaculation? Let’s have a look:

The secret of stopping premature ejaculation1. Your arousal cycle

OK, this is perhaps the most important thing that you need to know about yourself. Let’s take things from the top though. Each man has his own, completely unique mental and physical process that takes him from getting hard , all the way to cumming. This process is known as the Arousal Cycle and understating is essential if you want to stop ejaculating earlier than you would like. This is because there is a part of the process known as “the point of no return” and once it is reached, ejaculation becomes impossible to prevent. You need to discover your point of no return since this will allow you to control your ejaculation by simply slowing down your lovemaking or even stopping completely for a few seconds once you sense its approach. How do you find this point of no return, you ask? Well, the next time you masturbate, simply pay extra attention to how you feel the moment before you cum. This is your PNR.

2. Your best position

What I am sure you didn’t know, is the fact that some sex positions make you cum a lot faster than others. Although the missionary position is considered to be the worst offender in that case, this may not be true for all men. In other words, you need to try out many different positions with your partner in order to find out the one that makes your arousal rise relatively slow. The more time it takes for your arousal to rise, the later you will climax. Note that I am not talking about any weird, “exotic” positions that you and your girl will have to by Olympic gymnasts or professional contortionists in order to pull off! Positions that don’t allow you to penetrate very deep are ideal as far as improving your stamina is concerned, but again, you should just find the one that works best for YOU!

3. The right condoms for you

condomsBelieve it or not, some men are born with a penis that is simply more sensitive towards sexual stimuli than others. In other words, some men just get turned on A LOT faster than others, which also results in them cumming very early. Condoms can help you last longer, since they can act as a buffer between the sexual stimuli and the penis. If you think that your penis is too sensitive, then you need thicker condoms or even some of those newfangled performance condoms. Even if you don’t think that your penis is too sensitive, just try condoms of different thickness and see how they affect your performance. You may be really surprised by what you find!

4. Your limits

reality is pretty different than what you see in pornos! Men are not always hard and ready to rock a woman’s world at the drop of a hat. Sometimes you can be just too tired or stressed to have sex, or you might be feeling a bit under the weather. Believe me, it’s better to not perform during those days than to give a bad performance. I am not saying that you should only have sex if you are feeling that you are in tip top mental and physical shape. What I am saying, is that you shouldn’t be having sex if you don’t feel too well. You know your limits better than anyone, so this is up to you. Think of it this way: you wouldn’t drive if you felt too tipsy or tired, would you? Well, sex should be approached the same way.

So there you have it. Just remember what’s written in the Art Of War by Sun Tzu: “Know yourself and know your enemy and you will never lose a battle”. Just replace “lose a battle” with “cum early”!

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