Wanna last longer in bed? Get your mind out of the gutter!

A lot of men find it really hard to hold themselves back once they start having sex. They get horny way too fast and they climax in just a few seconds. This is what is generally known as a premature ejaculation.

The problem with early ejaculations is that they can occur any time and for a wide variety of reasons. Lack of stamina in bed can even be caused by some forms of cancer, however it is mostly caused by psychological factors. For more information on this, try here!

According to recent studies, one of the things that can cause premature ejaculation is thinking about sex all the time and visualizing climaxes even while actually having sex or when one begins to have sex. In other words, getting your mind out of the gutter may be essential if you want to increase your sexual stamina and avoid early ejaculations.


Why does thinking about sex and climaxes make me cum early?

Well, the reason is actually kinda simple: when your brain wants something, he wants to get it as soon as possible. Let me elaborate a bit. If you think all the time about how much you like your orgasms, or about how much you would like to climax with that hot girl across the girl, then your brain starts to “believe the hype”.

Since you think that your climaxes are awesome, your brain does so too. When you start having sex, your brain immediately understands that this “process” will lead to that that awesome climax thingy that you keep thinking about. Your brain just wants to make you happy, so he makes sure that you get to the climax as soon as possible.

That’s kinda complicated…

Let me put this a bit simpler. The more you want something, the more your brain wants you to have it. Once it sees an opportunity to “get” you the thing that you have been clamoring for, in this case an orgasm, your brain will cut all corners to make sure that you get it as soon as possible. Your brain doesn’t care about the journey, it cares about the destination and getting there as soon as possible. It doesn’t care about giving your partner an orgasm, it only wants YOU to have what YOU want.

So, how can I stop this?

Well, the answer is simple: don’t think about sex all the time. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look at pretty girls. You can toggle all you want. What you should do however, is stop thinking about how awesome sex is and how much you want to have sex and climax with a certain girl. The less you think about sex, the less inclined your brain will be to cut corners and make you ejaculate as soon as possible. In other words, not thinking about sex all the time will make your brain sit back and allow nature and love to take their normal course.

But what if I think about sexy stuff during sex?

Well, you need to stop doing that also. The same rule applies: the more you think about sex, EVEN WHILE HAVING SEX, the sooner you will come.

Try to focus on the details of what you are doing. If you find that your mind keeps racing, then do what old-timers used to do in order to last longer or to keep an unwanted erection at bay: think about baseball! Believe it or not, this is one of the best tips to last longer in bed!

OK, it doesn’t have to be baseball. Just think about something that ISN’T sex or inherently sexy. Think about that action movie you want to see or your favorite video game. Make sure that you don’t think of anything TOO unsexy though. Thinking of your favorite horror movie for example while having sex will probably not do wonders for your erection…

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